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Real question: Is MattyB the greatest rapper alive?


  1. countessmeow said: I remember it well, back in 1982 when the CGI chickens showed up and destroyed music. Thank you, MattyB, for risking your life to go back and prevent it all from happening.
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    I want off this planet
  4. notfredspears said: Real answer: motherfuck yes he is.
  5. thechefofsandwiches answered: of all time? possibly. alive? most definitely
  6. thecityofpawnee answered: the answer is yes, mande. yes.
  7. streeter said: Whatever Matty B is can’t really be called alive, though. He exists at a higher level than the rest of us.
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  10. ptrpvn said: Apparently it’s his job to save music
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  12. gabedelahaye answered: No.
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